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Healthcare providers are wrestling with a host of issues, from increasing cost pressures to evolving consumer expectations to the move toward value-based care. To build and maintain a winning position you need a strategy tailored to your markets and segments, supported by a fit-for-purpose operating model, and exceptional clinical alignment. We work with providers around the world to develop those and other capabilities so you can become nimble, efficient and deliver on your mission as never before.
Healthcare improvements have dramatically increased life expectancy, and new treatments are improving quality of life for many populations. Yet with this progress comes daunting economic challenges. Across publicly and privately financed healthcare systems, escalating spending has crowded out investments in education and social services, eroded growth in personal incomes, and reduced returns on invested capital in many regions.
Most governments and healthcare industry leaders understand that spending increases cannot continue indefinitely and are looking for ways to drive innovation and efficiencies while improving health. That’s where we come in.

What We Do

Our healthcare provider consulting expertise is built on a large amount of client engagements with providers, payers, and service companies, including integrated health systems, academic medical centers, ambulatory care sites, and physician groups. We currently provide advisory services to multiple local and a few international companies and we have helped our clients address a broad spectrum of challenges and opportunities, from strategy and operational excellence to digital enablement and transformation, agile ways of working, and many more. With our team we deliver the truly integrated solutions today’s providers require.
We are dedicated to improving healthcare for the communities that our clients serve—this has long been part of our stated mission.
We work with private and public healthcare leaders and charity groups to identify innovative ways to tackle today’s biggest healthcare challenges. We are at the forefront of making healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible for people.
Our approach is highly collaborative: from supporting government agencies with technical analysis, as they set priorities, to working with clinicians—for example, to increase nurse satisfaction and reduce turnover.
We work hand in hand with clients to help deliver measurable impact and build their capabilities.

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