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Prof. George Astras is a Medical Oncologist and a Professor of Oncology at the European University.
He is currently Director of Medical Oncology at the American Medical Center,
Platonas Medical Center and St George /Blue Cross Clinics.
He contributed to the development of two Oncology Centers and three Satellite Oncology Units and in the development of 24-hour Acute Oncology Services and he is currently Director of the Haemato-Oncology Department at the American Medical center (AMC) and Platonas Medical Center (PMC).
He set up and created e-learning modules for doctors and contributed to the development of I-QEMO the first online electronic chemotherapy prescribing system. He is the Vice President of the Cyprus Brain Tumor Association (CTBA), the RMHC and a member of the scientific board of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society and he contributed widely to the development of the Movember Foundation in Cyprus.
He presented multiple motivational speeches relating to Cancer through the years with the aim of raising awareness and limiting the stigma related to cancer.
He tackled projects dedicated to soft tissue sarcomas, pediatric rare tumors and adults tumors and is heavily involved in Cancer Charity currently leading multiple Initiatives to improve regional cancer care. In the last few years, he devoted himself to improving the National Healthcare System focusing on reforms that will improve Cancer Prevention, Cancer Care and supportive measures, Treatment Access and improvement of the quality of care.

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